Are you a professional content creator, MCN, news agency or publisher looking to grow viewership and revenue for your content library? Are you looking for additional distribution for your video inventory? Do you need help growing your syndication network or managing your delivery? Then we are the partner for you!


Increased Revenue

Boost your monetization opportunities.

International Distribution

Let us be your international sales team!

Expanded Reach

Increase your footprint and brand around the world.

Dedicated Content Support

VideoElephant’s Content Specialists provide feedback and guidance on how to get the best from your video.


What is VideoElephant? 

VideoElephant is a premium video aggregator working with content providers globally. We aggregate over 2,500 videos per day and have a library of 1,000,000+ videos. VideoElephant distributes content on behalf of independent producers, MCNs, news agencies and many more. We work with a wide range of different genres, languages and formats.


Why use us?

Join the ranks of premium international content providers - VideoElephant can create new revenue streams and opportunities for your video while working alongside your own sales and marketing activities.

The VideoElephant content curation team will ensure that your content gets the distribution focus it deserves. Increase your global reach with our vast network of publishers and partners.

Enjoy flexible delivery and distribution of video content and receive monthly reporting around content performance and revenue.

Gain guidance and feedback from our content specialists who will assist you in the day-to-day management and creation of premium, in-demand content.

We are always looking to expand our library and assist high-quality content producers in increasing their reach, engagement and revenues - get in touch today!

Check our video library if you wish to learn more about our content.




Is it exclusive?
Unlike other distributors VideoElephant is a non-exclusive agreement to distribute your content. This means you can continue to monetize your content via other channels while we focus on opportunities you are not currently reaching.
What do I need to get started?

VideoElephant is aimed at providers and creators of rights cleared video inventory. Reach out to us here to discuss.

How do I deliver content?
We take content via MRSS or file sharing services.
What are the payment terms?

All revenues earned against the videos are shared 50/50 with the content provider

Who are your customers?

VideoElephant’s customers are those looking for premium aggregated video content. Generally we work with web publishers, OTT platforms, monetization networks, Digital Out of Home and mobile operators. We work on a global basis with the highest quality partners.


Our Content Providers Love us

"VideoElephant have been a key element in taking BANG into new and key markets. They an effective and valued partner and have established good revenues. The team is always available and always prepared to discuss all aspects of our business together."

Bang Showbiz

Bang Showbiz

"Working with VideoElephant has been fantastic. We have worked closely with VideoElephant and its team with clips of our live video content, and the results have been great."



"VideoElephant has helped our brands reach new audiences we hadn’t explored before. They have contributed and been a great partner in our overall reach and distribution offerings."



"What a pleasure it is to be working together with the team at VideoElephant. Their expertise in curating content and finding the most ideal homes’ for our premium health condition, food, nutrition, fitness and general wellness content has been extraordinary. They’ve introduced HealthiNation into such a plethora of digital mediums that have enabled us to further fulfil our HealthiNation everywhere distribution strategy. No doubt, through continued collaboration, both VideoElephant and HealthiNation will benefit handsomely from the relationship. Pleased as can be that we’re working together with VideoElephant who are such committed partners."



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